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DG5 – Gamma survey meter

The DG5 is a gamma survey meter, based on a high sensitivity plastic scintillation detector, and used for the detection of radioactive sources or contamination.

Light and sensitive, the DG5 is a gamma survey meter dedicated to different tasks: search for hidden or orphan gamma sources, package monitoring, border monitoring, natural radioactivity surveillance, mobile measurements…

Based on a plastic scintillation detector, it ensures the acquisition and interpretation of data according to the patented “quantified information” algorithm developed by the French CEA (Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission).
The DG5 shows the gross counting rate in c/s, or the dose in both SI and US units (nS/h or μR/h), as well as status information on a LCD display.

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DG5 – Gamma survey meter

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Large volume 30 x 70 x 90 mm plastic scintillator

Measuring unit

c/s, nSv/h, µR/h

Energy response (γ/cm2)

+/- 20% between 60 keV and 1.3 MeV


+/- 10% within the 2 orthogonal plans (22Na source)

Processing time

0.1 s

Dose rate range

10 nSv/h to 100 µSv/h


Continuous alarm

Operating temperature

-20°C to +50°C

Relative humidity

40 to 85% without condensation

Dimensions (L x W x H)

190 mm x 138 mm x 68 mm


1.4 kg with batteries


4 LR6 1.5 V or 4 NiMH LR6 batteries, power supply as an option


– 60 hours without audible signal
– 30 hours with audible signal 30% of the time in alarm

Integrated loudspeaker

Jack plug for external earphones

LED display



Easy to use

Designed with a robust plastic housing case, the DG5 is light. It has a very convenient gun type carry handle, as well as a simple and understandable interface.

Very sensitive

DG5 has a sensitive large volume plastic scintillator with a fast response time, performing very well for locating sources or contamination in different fields (nuclear facilities, industrial locations, homeland security, customs, hospitals…)

Designed for discrete operations

The audible modulated alarm signal is played on integrated loudspeaker, or with external earphones connected to the jack plug for discrete operations. Measurements can also be done in dark areas thanks to the LCD display.

The DG5 survey meter’s detector is based on a large volume plastic scintillator. This detector is very sensitive and has a fast response time.

An audible modulated signal informs about the increase of the counting rate or dose rate with integrated loudspeaker or external earphones.

The alphanumerical LCD display shows status information and measurement values in c/s, nSv/h and μR/h, even in dark areas.

• Carrying bag
• External earphone
• External main power

Reasons to choose DG5 – Gamma survey meter

Light and small

Very sensitive

Easy to use

Designed for discrete operations


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