Sample prep is a curious and difficult task. It is not always easy to choose the right equipment, accessories and workflows since everything depends on the sample to prepare and homogenize. Homogenization of tough samples, such as bones, is even more complicated.

The biggest challenge when working with such tissues is efficient sample processing. The presence of elastic tissue, calcium phosphate and other minerals can develop into a solid and tough matrix which can be difficult to homogenize.

Moreover, heat generation inside lysing kit tubes during sample processing can result in the degradation and denaturation of proteins and RNA. Heat generation is even more severe when working with harder samples that require higher energy for efficient homogenization, resulting in a more challenging process.

In this white paper, discover a selection of examples and protocols for the use of Precellys Evolution together with Cryolys cooling unit for the homogenization of hard samples within minutes and without degradation.


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